I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician and have been practicing
veterinary health care for 23 years.  
We raise kitties that are in excellent health, conform to the Ragdoll
breed standard, are happy and very well socialized.  We raise our
kittens in our home with my family, children and other pets.  
They are handled and socialized from day one, this makes the kittens
transition on to their new homes a very smooth change.
Kim Harnish
Ragdoll cats are a very sweet natured, large sized, medium haired cat.  They have
beautiful blue eyes and a very soft rabbit like hair coat.  It is easy to care for and
does not tend to mat up.   Ragdolls are sweet and gentle and have a very loving nature
to them with super personalities.  They do not possess the aloof nature that you may
think of when you think about cats.  Some say that Ragdoll cats are the dogs of the cat
world--they may play fetch, learn tricks, and come to you when you call them.  You may
also hear that once you meet a ragdoll --They are like potato chips and you can not
have just one. They really love people, which means, they will probably meet you at the
door when you arrive home and follow you around all day as you attend to daily chores.  
They will often even greet company.  
Kim Harnish  Registered Ragdolls
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Kim Harnish